philter pl. philters

  1. A love potion.
  2. Any token or potion thought to have magical powers.
  • For examples of the use of this word see: citations.

7 letters in word "philter": E H I L P R T.

Anagrams of philter:

Words found within philter:

eh el elhi elt er et eth he heil heir heli help hep hept her herl het hi hie hilt hip hipt hire hirple hit ire it ither lehr lei leir lep lept lerp let li lie lier lip lipe lire lit lite liter lith lithe lither litre pe peh pelt per peri peril pert pet ph phi pht pi pie pier piert piet pile piler pir pirl pit pith plie plier pre re reh rei relit rep ret riel rile rip ripe ript rit rite te tehr teil tel the their thir thirl thrip ti tie tier til tile tiler tip tire tirl trie trip tripe triple